Formerly Sam9000 APM
Kinalta manages fast paced lean projects in parallel.
Scrum, Lean, Kanban or Scrumban
Tasks, Notes and Big Files Sharing

kinalta kanban


Manage Agile projects with Kinalta in a truly lean way.
Follow up and monitor fast paced projects.
Use simple task lists or manage projects with our famous 3D, multi-level Kanban board using Scrum or Scrumban.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Projects

Within the same team, you may follow and monitor any number of Agile projects.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly

Use Kinalta on your desktop (windows, mac, linux), tablet or smartphone (android, iphone, ipad).

Big file sharing

Send huge files, even 25 GB or more.
You can send and receive huge files, directly from within your projects

Not looking for Agile projects?
You only need fast paced project tracking?

If you are only looking for project tracking or,
you always manage time sensitive projects, you should consider our Tinilo software.


When you need to manage multiple date sensitive projects, like events, or you need to deliver for a specific date, Tinilo can help you.

Tinilo, our other software, is specifically designed for projects where target dates are important.

You can also back schedule: based on your target date, you specify what should happen a specific number of days or weeks before.

Free for personal and professional use.


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